Naval Exhibition – In the Port of Colombo
04th to 12th December 2010 (except 7th and 8th )
Sri Lanka Navy Exhibition will be open to all foreign and local guests
and to the public and will include demonstrations by
Sri Lanka Navy Special Forces.
Naval and Maritime Symposium
08th December 2010 (Wednesday)
Will be an event which will be based on the theme of
“Sustainable Support for Security and Safety at Sea” (S5)
where eminent speakers are expected to share their thoughts
to generate valuable discussions among the participants.
International Sailing Regatta (GP14/Enterprise)
08th December 2010 (Wednesday)
A Sailing competition will be held with the participation of the
sailing community worldwide including teams from the Navies
participating in the celebrations.
International Naval Band Fiesta and Cultural Show
08th December 2010 (Wednesday)
International Naval Band and cultural display will be held
with the participations from the Navies participating in the celebrations.
Presidential Fleet Review
09th December 2010 (Thursday)
Warships from friendly navies will be invited to visit Sri Lanka for four days from 07th December 2010 to participate in a fleet review by His Excellency the President of Sri Lanka off Colombo Harbour on 09th December 2010 being
the Navy day and the 60th anniversary.
Awarding of Presidential Colours
09th December 2010 (Thursday)
Awarding of Presidential Colours to Sri Lanka Navy Fleet and
selected establishments
Diamond Jubilee Banquet
09th December 2010 (Thursday)
All Chiefs of Navies, Foreign dignitaries, participating in the celebrations along with senior government and military officials from Sri Lanka will be hosted to a banquet. His Excellency the President of Sri Lanka will grace the occasion.
Book Launch
09th December 2010 at the Presidential Banquet (Thursday)
A Naval book on the time line of the Sri Lanka Navy since inception will be launched during the banquet.
Visit to Naval Dockyard Trincomalee &
Chiefs of Navies conclave
10th December 2010 (Friday)
Day visit to famous Trincomalee natural harbour, Dockyard Naval base
and important locations of Trincomalee for chiefs of navies,
head of country delegates and their spouses.
International Sail Past
11th December 2010 (Saturday)
All visiting foreign and Sri Lankan Naval Vessels will participate in a Sail Past
on their home bound passage and salute will be received by the
Secretary, Ministry of Defence.

Commander of the
Sri Lanka Navy


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