Navy’s Mega Attraction draws large crowds

The Navy’s mega attraction, the Naval and Maritime Exhibition, which commenced on 04th December in view of the Sri Lanka Navy’s 60th Anniversary celebrations, is drawing large crowds. The scheduled concluding fixed at 12th December has now been changed by popular demand and it has now been extended up to 15th December with the venue open for the General Public from 10.30 in the morning to 10.30 in the night.

The exhibition consists of a wide range of stalls which are installed at the site with a view to popularize the naval and maritime knowledge among the General Public and the children of all age ranges. The Navy’s elite Special Boat Squadron (SBS) displays its fast and firepower-packed “Arrow” boats’ maneuvers in the seas off the historical Colombo Light House. Ship and boat simulators are on hands for anyone to have their life time experience of navigating a mighty ship or a fast naval vessel and their weapon systems are on display at nearby stalls to show their lethality.

The star-studded performances of the popular artistes and Navy’s cultural troupe backed by Navy and sister Services’ Bands and spectacular fireworks add colour to each night spreading the “Navy Family” spirit. It is education, entertainment and, above all, sharing of joy with all who supported SLN.

Come on!

Get onboard!!

Cheer the SLN – your silent service ever committed to protect you!!!

Commander of the
Sri Lanka Navy


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